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All the features of exaudi Audience Platform are now integrated and boosted in the new Madtech platform Blendee.

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In exaudi you can integrate any data source

exaudi collects and processes first and third party data, on-line and off-line, coming from any external device and platform. For example, you can collect data from websites, Direct Email Marketing, mobile apps and TV decoders, Client Relationship Management systems and third parties. exaudi collects, normalizes and processes any type of data that can be traced back to the individual user, to create target Audiences that can be activated on all channels to which you can distribute your campaigns.
For this reason, the configuration of the platform and of the data input model is a fundamental step for us: we take care of understanding together with you how best to collect and organize the data we receive and to display it to you in the most useful and clear way, according to your business goals

Enrichment of information on anonymous users

All companies have a large number of users whose characteristics are unknown. In order for these users not to remain anonymous, but to enrich your known Audience and consequently increase the quality and quantity of your audience, there are two possible ways.

  1. The first way is to rely on third-party data, buying information from them. However, we know that this solution does not have a long life, but that third-party Cookies will most likely be gone by 2022.
  2. The second possibility is exaudi. Its Artificial Intelligence engine allows exaudi to derive information about anonymous users based on their behaviour. And you can go further by building predictive models that identify correlations between user characteristics and target actions. Artificial Intelligence therefore allows you to enrich your knowledge of users.

Tag Manager do-it-yourself

The exaudi Tag Manager enables you to create all the tags you need for your campaigns. Installation is easy and can be done independently. Management and updating of Tags is managed directly from the exaudi interface.

A Smart Tags feature also enables you to create direct segments, even defined by a single event performed by users or customized using custom parameters.

Build your audience

Building your Audience in exaudi can be done in several ways. We’ve talked about this in depth on our blog as well (internal link to blog articles).

Given a starting Audience Seed it is possible to search for users with similar characteristics or who behave in a similar way. This process can be completed manually or automatically, leaving the Artificial Intelligence engine the autonomy to update the Audience in Real Time.

Data processed in exaudi has a “reliability index” depending on the source from which it comes and through several factors the socio-demographic characteristics of users and their basic preferences are determined.

Finally, you can export the list of Cookies included in your Audience and use it on external platforms: Direct Email Marketing, ad servers, Client Relationship Management, or Business Intelligence systems, etc.

Contextual targeting

Classify and analyse your textual and video contents to build vertical Audiences and deliver Contextual Advertising

Audience Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyse and targeting your Audience according to the rules you set

Addressable TV e Connectors

Activate your Audiences from exaudi to Social Media and Connected TV

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