exaudi Audience Platform collects and makes your users' data available to you, in a simple, clear and accessible way, and allows you to manage it according to your goals

What you can do with your data

You can define audience segments through a multiplicity of attributes.
You can monitor the behaviour of users belonging to a given segment over time, amend its composition, expand it and synchronize it with one or more external platforms.

With exaudi Audience Platform you can act in real time on the composition of the segment and share advanced reports, even with your customers, at all times in complete respect of privacy.

Customization and integration

exaudi Audience Platform is ready-to-use, stable and secure, but it can adapt to your business goals and market changes with maximum flexibility. You have our know-how, and a state-of-the-art technology at your disposal, ready to integrate AI algorithms

Your time is precious

You can work on the entire process from a single interface. The harmonious and intuitive look&feel enables a fluid and autonomous use of the platform, compatible with all digital touch points and integrated with any data source

You can always rely on us

We have the No. 1 support team in Italy: present, available and fast. It accompanies you throughout the entire cooperation process, right up to offering advice, where required, directly to the end customer

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