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Every company that operates in the digital world – and beyond – has large amounts of data from its users and systems at its disposal. Often, due to lack of time or resources, the potential of this data remains unexploited or only partly used.

Neodata Consulting’s long experience in Knowledge Management makes us able to bring to light, manage and analyse information of interest to your business. We do all this by starting with big data from the digital and advertising worlds, on-line and off-line.

A method that is only ours

The strength of Neodata Consulting lies in the method. We have developed a unique method that allows us to manage data projects of all kinds and with large volumes in agile mode

We help your business grow

Collaborating with the customer is essential at all levels of Data Consulting, in order to define a strategy and set higher and higher goals. We help you find the best strategy for growing your business through data, while always respecting the privacy and transparency of information

Mastery of technologies

It doesn’t matter what data management technology you’re already using. Our experts have advanced mastery of all data management technologies available in the cloud and all the experience you need in managing Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud environments

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