We have a great news to announce!

The Contextual Audience feature, together with all the other modules of exaudi Audience Platform, are now integrated and boosted in the new Madtech platform Blendee.

Contextual Advertising and Semantic Targeting for Publishers

contexto is the solution that, thanks to an advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engine, allows you to deliver contextual targeting campaigns.

The best thing is that you don’t have to change ad server! contexto is a feature of ad.agio, the Neodata Group’s ad server, but it can be integrated with the ad server you already use.

Content Enrichment

With contexto you can automatically enrich the tagging of all your editorial contents and much more! contexto also enhances your video contents, enriching and categorising it according to the content extracted from the narrative voice of the film.

How contexto works

contexto is an API that provides real-time classification of a text according to predefined taxonomies and allows the creation of its own Custom Taxonomy. It uses Machine Learning methods and takes advantage of Neodata’s Global Content Library, which is integrated with DBPedia’s Content Library. contexto also allows you to disambiguate texts and create semantic correlations between headwords.

Classification of texts

contexto classifies texts according to IAB first and second level taxonomies, IPTC Media Topic and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

contexto Advanced API

contexto Advanced API is a further advanced feature that allows in-depth analysis of text, automatically extracting headwords and keywords and creating correlations between them, classifying content with very high precision.

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