Let's change the rules of traditional commercials

TV and Internet converge in a single solution: the analysis of big data applied to TV commercials allows the delivery of personalized ads based on each individual user connected.

Give your viewers a personal, unique and complete experience by showing only the content that best matches their interests.

The first step towards Programmatic TV

Our solution is based on the technology of the exaudi Audience Platform. The dashboard allows you to measure in real time the effectiveness of the campaigns delivered on well-defined target audiences thanks to advanced reporting

One solution for all data sources

We can integrate data from decoders, Smart TVs, set-top-boxes and connected devices. But not only that! We also integrate information from other sources, such as Client Relationship Management or market research

Security and transparency

Whatever your business goals are, we help you find the best strategy to achieve them through data, whilst always respecting the privacy and transparency of information

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