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We help them get the best
out of them.”

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Publishers can have a hard life, really. They serve three different, unforgiving customer types: article readers, hard to engage in the era of information overload and rarely loyal; advertisers, aiming at highly profiled audiences in real time; media agencies, who are happy to pay good money for a qualified, high return inventory only. It is not easy to maintain a fruitful, possibly long-term relationship with such different customer types.

Publishers can do that only if they’re equipped with tools that enable to control and exploit their relationship with readers at best: a publisher’s main assets are the contents he produces and the profiled audience he can sell for advertising purposes.

We work with publishers from the day we were born. We know how good they’ve been at reinventing their business in the digital revolution era because we’ve stood beside them ever since – as a matter of facts, many of the solutions we’ve developed have stemmed from research projects we’ve run for them.

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What we

Solutions to engage your readers

Neodata offers turn-key content recommendation and delivery platforms, as well as digital audience analysis and profiling solutions. They all contribute to serve a simple purpose: engage, identify, build and sell target user segments.

Every solution can be personalized and integrated with custom taxonomies and external platforms, such as CRM, CMS, ad servers and SSPs.

What we offer
to publishers

Solutions to know your audience and deliver any type of content

We've developed exaudi, our DMP (Data Management Platform) solution to track online user behavior across your digital channels and profile users for targeting purposes. Exaudi integrates with our delivery engine ad.agio, which delivers any type of content, either advertising or editorial, on any device, in real time, based on individual user profiles. Its forecasting and audience analysis modules help quantify and qualify your inventory.

Our Content Recommendation System can be used on your websites and your mobile apps to increase user engagement, leveraging content classification technologies (text, video and images). Based on your editorial catalogue and readers’ preferences, the recommendation system suggests relevant contents and monitors performance with a view to continuously improve click-through-rate.

If you plan to build a Data Lake, we can do this for you, too. We'll leverage state-of-the-art technologies and we’ll integrate any data source as well as any data analysis and visualization software or delivery engine you wish to rely upon, whether provided by Neodata or by other third-party suppliers of your choice.


We've been in the market for over ten years and…

Solutions made for publishers, in the newsroom

Our recommendation widgets; the content classification tool; the inference engine that identifies users’ interest categories based on the content they read; the click-through-rate optimizer; the editorial video recommendation widget, which exploits unsold inventory to increase your readers’ engagement – this is just a sample of the solutions we have designed for publishers, working side-by-side with them, in Italy and in the United States.

Maximum flexibility to generate and use target segments

You have a number of attributes at your disposal to describe your target user and his navigation behavior: from gender to age, interests, visited URLs for instance. You can combine attributes as you wish using boolean operators through a user-friendly UI. You can even combine clusters with each other to generate composite segments, modify them at any time, synchronize them with any external platforms in just a few clicks.

Standard, advanced and custom reports

Targeting “fresh” profiles, addressing active users, is fundamental to reduce waste and increase campaigns conversion rates. However, data-driven decisions are often made considering historical trends, and KPIs require constant monitoring, thus we believe a rich selection of analytics reports can make a difference. We have designed quite a few, both for our DMP and for the ad server, but in case they’re not enough, or if you wish to incorporate your specific parameters, just let us now. Custom reports can be designed for you, at any time. 

Your data is yours

We’re technology experts, not data providers. You can integrate any data sources into our solutions, including your CRM, knowing that your users’ data will never be used to sell profiles in the marketplace. Every single profile built through our solutions is an asset of your exclusive property.

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