Flexibility and collaboration
are among our first goals.
For this reason we have always been open
to integrations useful for the functioning
of the digital ecosystem.

Our best


Neodata is a Silver Partner of the Microsoft Partner Network, a reality that brings together the best technological products and infrastructures. The solutions proposed by Neodata are based on the infrastructure and service components of Azure, the cloud environment of Microsoft to guarantee to our customers performance, reliability of the service and data security.
Microsoft is Neodata’s partner for the supply of infrastructure components and Azure cloud services.


UPA is the associative body that brings together the most important and prestigious industrial, commercial and service companies that invest in advertising and communication.
Promoter of the NESSIE project for the creation of a data lake shared by companies with access to DMP features.


Supports Brands and Agencies in the planning of digital campaigns, data driven: awareness, lead generation, performance, remarketing, they are only the main objectives of our video, display, mobile, email, SMS and instant messaging campaigns.
Neodata Group partner for consulting on the integration of DMP exaudi with Trading Desk activities.


Indipendent Advertising network, solid and reliable company, leader in the digital advertising market. It aggregates highly qualified sites to get the highest monetization rate by planning campaigns of the best brands in close collaboration with media agencies and advertising investors.
Neodata Group partner for Native and Content Recommendation services.


TwoToForty analyzes Big & Small Data to identify needs, detect insights and design successful strategies, based on the implementation and improvement of proprietary algorithms, which allow predicting user and customer behavior through predicted models, facilitating decision-making partner activity.


Ibermatica contribute to the digital transformation of companies, institutions and organizations, helping them to improve their competitiveness through the application of technology and knowledge. Ibermatica is a system integrator that support media sector in monetization opportunities and improving the consumer digital experience.

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