Web Browser Cookie Management

The user can manage cookie preferences directly from its browsers and prevent Neodata and other parts from installing. This result can be obtained in two ways: the first one deleting cookies, the second one blocking third-party  cookies.

The settings, like procedure details, are available in the official documentation issued by the manufacturer of the web browser used. However, please note that the above operations can compromise the web navigation experience.

Cookie Management by Opt-In/Opt-Out Procedure

Neodata Group is a partner of the Digital European Advertising Alliance (EDAA) which self-regulates online behavioral advertising and allows the user to control preferences on tracking systems and / or any control systems on the delivery of online advertising content.

Opt-out operation

User can prevent Neodata Group to perform data processing for purposes defined in Service Privacy Policy by the Opt-out procedure.

Neodata Group provides its services to third-party sites. If the user accesses of one of these sites and does not find any tool to prevent Neodata Group from processing its data, the user can use directly Neodata Group solutions:

  • Opt-Out procedure from Neodata Group Official WebSite through the button available below
  • Opt-Out procedure from Your Online Choices web site http://www.youronlinechoices.com/

Opt-in operation

If the user chooses to restore and / or allow Neodata to perform the treatments on his data, he can perform the Opt-in procedure:

  • Opt-In procedure from Neodata Group Official Website through the button available below
  • Opt-in procedure from Your Online Choices web site http://www.youronlinechoices.com/

Opt-Out Notes: The Opt-Out procedure do not delete any cookies issued by Neodata Group.

Advertising Notes: Opting out does not mean the User will no longer receive online advertising. It does mean that Neodata will no longer provide the Client with information about Users’ navigation patterns that allows delivering ads tailored to the User’s usage patterns.

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