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Users can prevent anyone, including Neodata, from collecting their navigation data by deactivating Cookies in their browser settings. Browser settings also allow to eliminate Cookies that have been installed in the past. Users can find information on how to deactivate Cookies via browser settings at the following addresses:
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Users should be aware that deactivating Cookies may interfere with the correct visualization of some websites (e.g. access to restricted areas requiring log in credentials). Alternatively, Users can ask Neodata directly to opt-out from having the Clients track their navigation preferences by means of Cookies, even when the Client does not provide tools to opt-out. By choosing to Opt-Out, Users will prevent Neodata from placing Cookies in their browsers on behalf of Clients. Users who have opted out can decide to restore Cookie usage at any time by clicking on the Opt-In button.

Note: Opting out does not mean the User will no longer receive online advertising. It does mean that Neodata will no longer provide the Client with information about Users’ navigation patterns that allows to deliver ads tailored to the User’s personal usage patterns.

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