NeodataLab is the research laboratory of the Neodata Group.

We explore the world of Machine Learning and of Artificial Intelligence, creating prototypes in the field of Data Science applied to real-world data and situations.

We have extensive experience in handling large amounts of data. Our competence is consolidated by a close collaboration and an open and continuous dialogue with universities and research centres.

Data Lab

Our team of Data Scientists uses the capabilities offered by Neodata’s services and Knowledge Management techniques to offer optimized solutions in managing the particular business problems you are facing. The approach to data is not always the same: instead, it is customized depending on your business goals.

Increasingly integrated data

We are in an increasingly digitized world, where data comes from the web and from a multitude of channels. Our goal is to explore new technologies for integrating data from web users, in-store customers, consumers, production, sales and all other company data to build a new business model based on the use of data for the benefit of the customer.

How we do what we do

Speaking of Big Data, we specifically use Data Lake as an enabling methodology to collect in one single place data from different sources in their native format. Starting from this data, we build solutions according to your needs, since every business acts with a different logic.

This is why ISAAC was created. This is a service model that brings together the most advanced technologies and concrete situations, making the information contained in your data available to you in a simple way, in full security and transparency and with complete respect for privacy.

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