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“We help broadcasters turn
anonymous users into
consumer profiles that can be
targeted individually on TV.”

TV is not
the same
for all

Every viewer has personal likings, habits and characteristics. You just have to recognize them

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Broadcasters have diverse clients to attend to: multitasking and multi-device consumers, who influence TV schedules and advertising investments through their likings and habits; advertisers, who aim at reaching a better profiled, more responsive audience; media agencies, who trade campaigns on behalf of their customers and are constantly looking for more precise performance indicators.

In addition to providing a wider and better profiled targetable audience, the spreading of Premium and Pay per View services raises new challenges relating to audience engagement and retention.

We work with the three main Italian broadcasters, helping them turn anonymous viewers into consumer profiles that can be targeted with relevant advertising and editorial content.


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Addressable TV on broadcast channels

Our focus is to help you bring innovation into your business, interpreting your needs and solving your key issues. If our off-the-shelf product is not enough to fulfil your requests, we're ready to design a modular solution with custom features: we have the experience, ability and technologies needed to bring the future into your present, including Addressable TV on broadcast channels.


What we offer
to broadcasters

Solutions designed to address the most challenging goals

Neodata's Addressable TV solution is tested and working. It's a combination of modules built into our proprietary platform, exploiting the data sources integration capacity of a Data Lake, the analysis and profiling capabilities of our DMP exaudi, the ability to deliver profile-based video content in real time of our ad server ad.agio, the precision of real time dashboards and reports created by our Data Scientists.

We can also design and implement your Data Lake. We'll leverage state-of-the-art technologies and we’ll integrate any data source as well as any data analysis and visualization software or delivery engine you wish to rely upon, whether provided by Neodata or by other third-party suppliers of your choice.


We've been in the market for over ten years and…

We deliver Addressable TV services successfully

Our expertise in the integration of any available data - coming from decoders, SmartTV, market research, customer surveys, CRM, TV schedules, etc - allows to generate and enrich audience profiles, not only at a household level but individually. You can deliver targeted advertising that is relevant to the individual viewer profile who's watching TV at that very moment, thus significantly increasing the value of your inventory.

Creating and using target segments has never been so easy

You have a number of attributes at your disposal to describe your target user and his navigation behavior: from gender to age, interests, visited URLs for instance. You can combine attributes as you wish using boolean operators through a user-friendly UI. You can even combine clusters with each other to generate composite segments, modify them at any time, synchronize them with any external platforms in just a few clicks.

Standard, advanced and custom reports

You can count on a rich selection of analytics reports integrating any data sources you wish to include. The use of advanced technology components, such as Elastic Search, allow us to build personalized real time dashboards which truly make a difference for your teams as they work on TV schedules, advertising sales and quality control.

Your data is yours

We’re technology experts, not data providers. You can integrate any data sources into our solutions, including your CRM, knowing that your users’ data will never be used to sell profiles in the marketplace. Every single profile built through our solutions is an asset of your exclusive property. If you already use another DMP, you can still leverage our technology to further enrich your audience profiles and refine targeting.

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