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e-commerce, retailers, Mass Market Retailers, finance and insurance, services – the universe of brands is vast and full of complexity. You cannot find two companies who share identical objectives and needs, as every brand establishes its own relationship with customers through specific language and means, in a constant search for differentiation and competitive advantage. Every brand chooses its KPIs based on its organizational structure and experience.

Technology must be an ally in the service of brands: ready-to-use and designed to respond to market-led, common needs as efficiently as possible, yet capable of adapting to unique requirements that are indispensable to reach specific business objectives.

Technology alone is not enough to brands. Together with tools, brands need people who can understand complex problems and solve them, whether by means of a customized tracking code, a predictive model or tips on how to leverage collected data at best. If this is what you’re looking for, you might want to check out our offer.

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Solutions evolving for you, with you

Neodata offers turn-key solutions to analyse, profile and target your digital audience behavior. They help you identify, build, utilize and monitor target segments, so that you can communicate with the right people, on the right channel, at the right time.

If our off-the-shelf solution does not fit your needs perfectly, we can customise it for you: when your objectives change or you need additional functionalities, you won’t have to replace your technology stack, as our solutions will evolve together with you.

What we offer
to brands

Solutions allowing you to activate data and get value out of them

We've developed exaudi, our DMP solution (Data Management Platform) to track online users behavior across your digital channels and profile your audience for targeting purposes. The DMP is integrated with our delivery engine, an ad server named ad.agio. ad.agio delivers any type of content, either advertising or editorial, on any device, in real time, based on user profiles. Our Content Recommendation System can be integrated with your websites and mobile apps to increase user engagement. Exploting content classification technologies such as semantic analysis for instance, the Content Recommendation System suggests relevant content based on your editorial catalogue as well as your users’ preferences, and analyses performance to continuously optimize Click-through-rate.

If you plan to build a Data Lake, we can do this for you, too. We’ll deploy state-of-the-art technologies and we’ll integrate any data source as well as any data analysis and visualization software or delivery engine, whether provided by Neodata or third-party suppliers of your choice.


We’ve been in the market for over ten years and…

Your data is yours

We’re technology experts, not data providers. You can integrate any data sources into our solutions, including your CRM, knowing that your users’ data will never be used to sell profiles in the marketplace. Every single profile built through our solutions is an asset of your exclusive property. If you already use another DMP, you can still leverage our technology to further enrich your audience profiles and refine targeting.

User-friendly interface

We believe complexity should never be your problem. Your user experience is important to us and a critical aspect of our development processes. Your feedback is always welcome and we're open to implementing suggestions whenever they are doable and make your life easier.

Standard, advanced and custom reports

Targeting “fresh” profiles, addressing active users, is fundamental to reduce waste and increase campaigns conversion rates. However, data-driven decisions are often made considering historical trends, and KPIs require constant monitoring, thus we believe a rich selection of analytics reports can make a difference. We have designed quite a few, both for our DMP and for the ad server, but in case they’re not enough, or if you wish to incorporate your specific parameters, just let us now. Custom reports can be designed for you, at any time. 

Professional advice

Investing in audience analysis and targeting technologies means embracing a data-driven culture where decisions derive from knowledge more than from assumptions. Figuring out how to read and use audience data at a strategic level is a critical task, as it’s got the power to generate evidence-based alignment in your organization. Neodata’s consulting team has expertise in marketing, change management, project management and data analysis / Business Intelligence to support you throughout the process.

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