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SVAMP: Semantic Video Analysis & Monetization Platform

Our Data Scientists Team is working on a new project focused on the interpretation of Video Contents through advanced engines of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Hereby the brief.

The SVAMP project aims at introducing an innovative and disruptive technology in the field of Digital Advertising for the TV Broadcasting industry. SVAMP consists in an integrated platform that supports Video Content Management Systems, able to automatically extract semantic metadata that activate Recommendation and Monetization Systems through Contextual Advertising.

With the advent of Connected TV, the Interactive Advertising market share will be able to draw up to two-thirds of the Total Adv Investment (27% internet + 42% TV). The different Rich Media, especially Video Adv, will allow to convey an increasingly rich commercial offer, optimized for multiple navigation devices (from PC to smartphone, to Paid TV). On each of them, it is possible to measure how the user interacts with contents, including the level of Engagement and the percentage of content actually consumed.

Anticipating these new trends, the SVAMP platform will allow the interpretation of images and videos based on self-learning systems. This technology will produce a series of metadata associated with television contents that can be used to determine the most effective advertising offer to be included in the advertising breaks planned within television schedule or on-demand content. Having this information may trigger an online auction, aimed at assigning Advertising offers to individual users in Real-Time.

This aspect has the potential to disrupt the traditional broadcasting ecosystem, making a reality of unthinkable advertising optimization mechanisms, as well as laying the foundations for a new method of Intelligent Monetization of cross-media and widespread TV content.


Project SVAMP is co-funded by resources coming from PO FESR Sicilia 2014-2020 – Action 1.1.5 – Support to companies’ technological development, through funding guidelines, early product validation actions, and wide-scale demonstration.

For more information about PO FESR Sicilia 2014-2020 visit the website

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