In the first quarter of 2021 we have seen the first proposals for a Cookieless scenario coming to light. We have presented our vision in this blogpost and we analysed FLoC, the Privacy Sandbox proposal, in this article, since Neodata Group is part of the Origin Trials.

Now we want to move on and see how FLEDGE works.

What does FLEDGE mean?

FLEDGE is the acronym for “First Locally-Executed Decision over Groups Experiment”. It is the first experiment in the Turtledove family. Very briefly, Turtledove is a Privacy Sandbox’ proposal, which is supposed to solve the retargeting problem. According to Google, Turtledove will “help advertisers to retarget users based on predetermined conditions (say, visited a product page, added a product to cart, etc.)” (Read the full article here).

FLEDGE is the attempt to put together some ideas by different actors (including SSP/DSP) in order to start experiment this approach.

When will it be operating?

It is not yet clear when the proposal will be available. At the moment we are writing, May 2021, the experiment is still, since Google has not started the Origin Trials yet. As Google said, FLEDGE is not yet fully privacy-compliant and needs to be anticipated by some privacy-oriented developments before getting started. FLEDGE is the first attempt of Turtledove. Its aim is to deliver behavioral targeted ads without tracking the user from one website to another.

 Let us see how it works, then

Many aspects of the solution are still under development. However, FLEDGE will allow brands and their joint ad techs to create Interest Groups of users based on their behavior. When a user browses a website and accepts website privacy policies, he/she can be identified by the website owner for the following 30 days, and associated to an Interest Group, depending on what content he/she visited. These groups are activated in browser, where an auction takes place. Brands and Publishers participate in the Auction only when they “recognize” a user in the activated Interest Group.

All the personal information of the users, besides their previous visits to the Brand’s website, are hidden to the Auction participants, who can deliver their ads to the Interest Group.

Surely, we will have more information on this topic later. As soon as we get it, we’ll share with you! Subscribe to our newsletter to get more!

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