Your Data Value and Users’ Consent, all secured by a High-Privacy Technology

Your Data has an enormous – and sometimes hidden – value. Neodata Group’s job is to take it out for you and enrich it even more, according to your strategy. This is what our technology is for. The evolving scenario of the Digital Adv Market has given our technology the chance of doing its best and bring it to the next level.

What is First-Party Tracking and why you need it

Over the last decade, the market has focused on Cookies to track anonymous users. However, tracking is not only a matter of Third-Parties. Of course, Cookies are still valuable until December 2023, but what if you tracked anonymous Third-Party Users, PLUS enriched your already-known First-Party Audience?


First-Party Tracker

Neodata’s technology tracks First- and Third-Party Data at the same time, using a specific First-Party Tracker, your own or provided by Neodata. With this First-Party Tracker you will trace either registered and anonymous users and enrich both of them. This also allows you to match anonymous users with the registered ones.

With or without Cookies

Besides the traditional tracking methods, there is a whole world out there, which is possible to analyze, no matter what. First-Party Tracking represents the world you already own: your properties – registered users, and websites’ visitors.

Our technology boosts the opportunity to build and enrich your own First-Party Audience in exaudi, our Audience Platform. Let’s give a value to the events performed by your users, happening in your properties.

In Neodata, Privacy means trust and respect

Moreover, with this highly enriched Audience you will be able to create relationships with your users based on their own consent. We value information, awareness and transparency, and we do our best to turn users into the decision-makers of the information they generate. Users’ consent is the key to build transparent relations, to value contents and customers’ awareness.

Anonymous-registered matching

We do not want to go deep into technological issues here, for that you can always contact our Customer Support. We just want to say that we can track both your anonymous and registered First-Party users, in order to profile your Audience, through yours, or our own Neodata ID. This identifier tracks users visiting your properties and matches anonymous visitors with registered users who are already known by exaudi.

Get rid of all Third-Parties and start nurturing your own Audience.

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