This product is protected by U.S. patent. Patent nr. 8,504,912.

Newscurve is designed to address the digital newsrooms need for real-time, essential insights that help them drive audience engagement timely. It delivers the 4 Fs newsrooms look for: Few Fundamental Facts Fast ©

Newscurve provides real-time alerts on the performance of your website’s content. It records and analyzes the actions of your visitors, compares these with the historical performance of your site, identifies significant deviations and alerts you of them.
Newsrooms are insanely busy and most people don’t have time to keep checking in on an analytics dashboard.  Newscurve frees your team up from the dashboard and pushes insights to the people who can act on them right now. Editors, journalists, social managers and other newsroom staff get alerts via mobile applications, browser extensions, chat windows or email when there’s an opportunity to spike traffic or social activity.


Newscurve allows you to answer everday editorial questions like:

  • Is this story engaging my readers?
  • Which stories are trending on social?
  • Do I need to provide minute-by-minute coverage on this topic?
  • Is this article in the optimal position on my website?
  • Does this content need to be replaced by fresher material?