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Audience Analysis

Whatever the nature of your business, your ultimate goal is to lead customers through the conversion funnel. Find out why and how your customers convert and turn your knowledge into cash.

Track, Profile, Analyse

Audience Analysis lets you

  • Know how each user interacts with you and what they like most
  • Know how loyal your audience is
  • Identify influencers
  • Build test panels for research purposes and enrich user profiles with additional data
  • Know your mobile apps users
  • Complete your users’ profiles with interests and lifestyle info gathered from external sites
  • Verify that the targeted campaigns you pay for do what they promise and refine budget allocation accordingly

An inference engine to classify anonymous users

You just need a sample of registered users. Based on the observed behavior of that sample, Audience Analysis will profile anonymous users. Characteristics such as gender, age, income will be assigned to each individual, along with a confidence level that will increase over time, as more data are collected.
Being able to identify the socio-demo characteristics of your visitors will dramatically increase the precision of your targeting activities, whether you run your own marketing campaigns or you sell advertising space to others.

A database containing your users’ individual profiles

Audience analysis draws individual profiles of each one of your visitors taking into account both socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics. Whenever socio-demo information are not available, they’re deduced through an inference engine that assigns a confidence level to each characteristic.
Behavioral data are tracked individually.

Socio-demographic data:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geo-location
  • Any info available in your CRM or in your visitors’ social profiles

Behavioral data:

  • Interests (content consumption)
  • Spend
  • Cart completion / abandon rate
  • Return frequency / recency / loyalty
  • Channel usage / cross-channel interaction
  • Social activity
  • Exposure to your brand /advertising
  • Responsiveness to advertising

Your audience privacy is granted

The data we use are collected anonymously. Each unique user – including registered users whose personal data are known to you – is assigned a unique ID code. Our systems never associate the unique ID code with personal ID data. Audience Analysis’ database will allow you to elaborate reports, ad hoc analysis and clusters using only anonymous data.

Analysis, Clustering, Customization

Audience Analysis generates a profile for each one of your users. You can play with our easy-to-navigate database to generate reports and statistics, or to cluster your audience into segments that can be used for marketing or research purposes.
You will have a number of standard reports available and you’ll be able to play with them, design charts, export data.
If you need more sophisticated analysis or wish to track additional data, we’ll be happy to customize our solution for you.

Targeting via cookies exchange

Any clusters you have isolated will be available for targeting in real time on any device via cookies exchange.
If you use Neodata solutions you’ll be able to reconcile advertising campaigns response data with users profiles, to further improve the depth and quality of your knowledge.

Simple Integration

Audience Analysis utilizes a universal tag that can activate all Neodata solutions.
This means you can deploy audience analysis and profiling data to target advertising through Neodata’s ad server ad.agio, deliver recommended content or collect site performance analytics through Newscurve at any time.

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An example of Audience Analysis applications:

  • Deliver personalized editorial and advertising content based on user profiles to increase conversion
  • Run re-targeting campaigns on your sites and on third party properties based on actual interests and interactions observed over time – avoid the pitfall of assuming the last visit is meaningful
  • Interact with users on mobile apps while they’re shopping
  • Invest your advertising spend where you know you hit target users
  • Sell richer profiles to advertisers – we can target them while they’re on your site and also when they’re browsing around
  • Make your test panel available for third party research
  • Allow other brands to reach out to your mobile app users with relevant offers

Improve direct sales results

Make each one of your users feel like a privileged speaker by serving personalized editorial content. Articles, videos, photo galleries, surveys, emails – whatever your message, whatever channel you use to deliver it, you can turn that touch-point into an opportunity to capture your audience attention, and increase your chances to convert that into revenue.
If your business is online sales, tailoring your offer to your customers’ interests and behavior is a must.
If you run re-targeting campaigns on third party networks, reaching out to profiled users multiplies your chances to convert them into customers at better acquisition costs.

Sell higher value advertising

An impression targeted to a profiled user is worth more than a generic one, especially for video advertising. Offer higher value impressions to your advertisers, show better conversion results and become a preferred partner to them.
Increase the value of your RTB inventory, offer targeted direct email campaigns, offer your audience as a panel to run brand exposure studies for your client brands or other market research tests.

Sell profiled user data

You can enrich third party user profiles and optimize third party RTB trading (DMP). Your knowledge can be monetized in a number of ways and opportunities will unfold as you refine your insights. Our algorithms keep evolving as they learn more about your users; the confidence levels of our predictions grow along with the duration of the observation period. What you’re selling is your ability to know whom you’re dealing with in real time better than your competitors.

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Some technical details

Tracking and data storage

Audience Analysis tracks a number of actions a user can take on a publisher’s web domain or domains network, such as page visualization, time on page, comment writing, like, share, advertisement visualization, click on advertisement, and more.
We identify each user through a unique key; all actions performed during subsequent visits by the same user are reconciled, normalized and stored together in Neodata’s Big Data Hub (NeoServer) using a distributed, scalable and high-performing architecture in the Cloud (AWS – Amazon Web Services).


Web pages in the observed domain are analyzed extracting the publisher’s metadata and classifying the content through data mining technologies and syntactic/semantic information, building an advanced machine learning process.
Content classification uses standard IAB taxonomy.
Each page is introduced in a network of relationships in which content similarities and main topics are used as key indicators for content clustering.
An individual user profile is derived from his/her navigation history, which determines main interests and behavioral characteristics.
Demographic information, as well as any other type of information made available for registered users, can be inferred also for anonymous users: automatic classifiers are trained by the online behavior of registered users.

Analyzing and Reporting

The very rich data model created in the tracking and profiling phases provides a wide range of analysis possibilities, using a variety of data aggregation techniques and performance measures. Collected data are structured in predefined hypercubes and stored in a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse (Amazon Redshift).
An html5 customizable and user-friendly UI is provided for visualizing and creating reports and charts, granting maximum flexibility to the end users. Admin rights can be personalized so as to allow different access levels for each individual account.


Profiles can be used for personalized content delivery in real-time. They’re stored in a NoSQL document database with high-throughput reads and writes (Couchbase Server).
Specific APIs are provided to interact with external systems (adServers, DMP, RTB, survey services) and exchange user profiles for content targeting.

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