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ad.agio Ad Server
ad.agio – The Publisher’s Ad-Server

ad.agio is a multi-channel ad-server built with the online publisher’s ad tech needs in mind.
With ad.agio, you can now leverage your data to target and deliver any ad type, across any device, to any user.
To help scale your growing business, ad.agio provides a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer support. ad.agio’s feature set is engineered to improve the efficiency of your ad operations and get the most out of your digital assets.  Learn more below.

Optimized Delivery

Video & Rich Media

Deliver video and rich media advertising across all connected devices, including: web, mobile, set-top boxes, smart-TVs and game consoles.


Serve mobile ads in native applications on Android, iOS and WinPhone devices.

Custom Formats

Pull from our library of hundreds of standard and custom ad templates…or we can build a new format for you.

Campaign Pacing

Control how each campaign will be delivered – with a daily cap or even pacing.

Real-Time Bidding

Access our RTB platform to leverage programmatic advertising with no additional set-up necessary.

Private Marketplaces

Create reserved environments for select, premium advertisers and sales agencies to bid on ad placements.

A/B testing

Simultaneously test alternative creatives and ad.agio will automatically select the most effective based on your campaign goals.

Performance optimization

Plan and optimize campaigns based on your eCPM, CTR, conversion, lead, price and budget goals.

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Deep Targeting

Frequency Capping

Restrict the number of times visitors see particular ads by time period and page location.

Day & Time Targeting

Target campaigns by time of day, day of the week and period of time.


Target users by country, state and city.

Keyword Targeting

Deliver contextual advertising based on the page content.


Re-target users based on their past navigation history.

User Profile Targeting

Create and target custom user profiles based on content consumption habits, frequency of visits, interests, demographics and other audience variables.

Rules Targeting

Combine multiple, pre-defined targeting parameters using Boolean operators.

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Customized Reporting & Forecasting

Custom Reports

Access customizable, real-time multidimensional reports with the ability to drill-down and roll-up over 60 dimensions.

Event Tracking

Monitor events or actions (click, stop, open, skip, scroll, social share and more) on rich media and video ads.

Traffic Forecasting

Receive detailed traffic and inventory projections by website, section, position and format. Through statistical analysis, ad.agio removes the impact of seasonality and one-off events.

On-schedule Indicator

Determine whether an ad campaign is ahead of or behind schedule in order to optimize your delivery.

Viewable Impressions

Track viewable impressions to ensure ads are visible to your visitors.

Order Management System

Manage inventory and process orders with ad.agio’s integrated order management system or connect ad.agio to your pre-existing system.

Customizable User Accounts

Create access-controlled account views and reports for your advertisers and networks.

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Easy Set-up & VIP Support

Smooth Migration

Easily transition to ad.agio from your existing ad-server. Through API access, ad.agio can seamlessly map your current ad-server platform to save time and reduce errors in manual data transfer.  We take ownership of the ad-server migration (preparation, testing, completion and post-migration phases) to minimize the amount of work you have to do.

Systems Integration

Bolt on any business system to ad.agio – we deploy standard SOAP interfaces for smooth integration with your planning, booking, billing, accounting and reporting processes.

Fully Customizable

Format all the interface and reporting capabilities based on your specific needs. Prior to deployment, we’ll collect your requirements for custom features and set-up Adagio on spec.

24/7 Customer Support

Benefit from a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer support/technical assistance.

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