Turbo and Neodata Group together to offer brands the ideal DMP solution designed for the Programmatic Advertising eraTuesday November 25th, 2014

The joint offer allows marketers to manage 1st party data (websites, campaigns, social media, crm, etc) through a proprietary DMP and activate data in real time in Programmatic Adv campaigns

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Milano, 25th November 2014 – We have entered the Programmatic Advertising era, which is absorbing an increasingly larger portion of digital budgets in Italy. The latest research study issued by IAB and Politecnico di Milano shows a +115% growth, which means marketers are called to adapt skills and investments to the new challenges posed by Programmatic:

  • Normalize and organize their proprietary data, often coming from patchy sources (websites, campaigns, social media, crm, etc) in a DMP
  • Use those data to define and update audience segments for targeting
  • Activate segments in real-time through programmatic adv campaigns

In many cases companies are not ready to manage their data yet, not only because the technologies required to normalize data and translate them into actionable insights require very specific skills, but also because 1st party data are often too sensitive to allow external parties such as Programmatic partners to access and circulate them.

The partnership between Turbo – the first Italian independent trading desk – and Neodata Group – Italian leader in Big Data analysis – was born with a view to address this issue. The Data Management Platform designed by Turbo and Neodata allows Brands to aggregate data in a single environment and to activate them in real time in Programmatic campaigns, granting the control, security and privacy of a proprietary framework.

Maintaining control over one’s data and autonomously define proprietary, specific audience segments to use in real time in paid media campaigns will allow brands to invest more of their digital budgets in Programmatic” says Marco Ferrari, co-founder and CEO of TurboAs soon as the allocation of digital budgets has started to shift significantly towards Programmatic, companies such as P&G, Mondelez, Tesco, Netflix, American Express & AT&T, just to name a few renowned brands, have felt the need to take a step forward into the value chain and maintain ownership of their audience data, which are their real strategic asset and competitive advantage”.

The Italian market needs a turn-key solution – Ferrari continues – including the opportunity for companies to access consultancy, software development and “body rental” services whenever they don’t have internal resources to allocate to data management. We’re proud to be the first to offer a ready-to-use, yet tailor-made proprietary DMP solution with an experienced technology partner like Neodata, italian leader in Big Data analysis and a trusted business partner whom we’ve worked with for quite some time now“.

Our partnership with Turbo – says Giovanni Giuffrida, founder and CEO of Neodata Group – is the natural outcome of a co-operation that began a few months ago. We’re both active players in the technological innovation field and we both have a solid international background, but maintain a strong focus on the Italian market.
Neodata is on the front line of data-driven ad serving since 2003. Over the years we have developed advanced skills around Big Data management, working with major brands in Italy and abroad. Turbo is an independent leader in the Programmatic market on the demand side and knows Brands’ needs quite well. Our partnership was a natural consequence of our experience in the market, where Programmatic is growing fast and demands solutions that not only provide data intelligence, but also grant a tangible impact on ROI

The solution is based on a business model offering competitive tracking and delivery costs and will be presented to the public today at IAB Forum 2014, in Milan.
The development of the new DMP solution, which is customizable to meet the Client’s requirements, is the outcome of months of work of a joint Turbo-Neodata Group team, involving some of the best Italian experts of data driven advertising and data-mining.
The DMP solution has already been adopted by one of the major Italian financial companies.

Learn more about the DMP solution here

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