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exaudi - Your Data Management Platform

Whatever the nature of your business, your ultimate goal is to engage audiences in a profitable relationship.

Discover how exaudi can help you achieve your goal on www.exaudidmp.com

Features of excellence

Cross-site and Cross-device

(Whatever data source is welcome)
exaudi ingests 1st and 3rd party data, both online and off-line, from any device.
So, if you have a network of websites you wish to track, mobile apps or TV decoders, CRM systems and data you have bought from any provider, you can trust exaudi to collect, normalize and process all data for you.
We take configuration seriously and spend time with you on that: we want to understand your data and make sure exaudi presents them in a smart way.
exaudi shall fit your business like a tailor-made suit. It’s full made in Italy, after all.

Artificial Intelligence at its Heart

There is a difference – a significant one – between look-alike models (used to expand your target audience) and user attributes inferred through artificial intelligence. Once you have identified a target segment, look-alike models search for users showing similar behaviours or characteristics, assuming they will be likely to respond to your solicitations as your original target segment.
Whether the assumption proves to be true or not, you have a bigger segment to target.
What about users whose characteristics are unknown though? Will they remain unknown forever unless users themselves tell you their gender, age, education level etc?
You can buy information from a 3rd party, trusting its’ realiable. Or you can trust YOUR DMP to derive information from YOUR data based on the behaviour of YOUR audience. You just need a small sample of active known users.
You can go beyond that, building predictive models that find correlations between users’ characteristics and desired behaviours.
This is what Artificial Intelligence is about: enriching your knowledge of your audience. Up to you if you want to keep it to yourself or share it in the marketplace.

Simplified, do-it-yourself tagging

We have built a powerful, easy-to-use tag manager into exaudi, so you can create your tags, install them easily into your digital properties, update them over time from exaudi’s interface in one click thanks to the dynamic universal tag. Smart tags allow you to generate direct, events-based segments that you can target in one click.
Need custom parameters? No worries: we can integrate them for you.
Need to reserve access rights to specific individuals in your organization? You can do that, too.

Friendly, fresh, super-intuitive User Interface

Developed by a top-notch agency, tested in the field by diverse professional profiles from corporate organizations. Ask for a demo and check for yourself.

Customizable. For real.

Interface, APIs, taxonomies, attributes hierarchies, data sources, reports, look&feel.
Basically, exaudi is YOURS. Of course we have our own data model, our proprietary inference algorithms, our preferences in terms of technologies to deploy, but you can choose to take the turn-key, off-the-shelf package, or customize it fully and make it become your corporate asset. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll work out a plan and a quotation. Who else gives you a DMP that mirrors your business and that your competitors will never see?

The coolest segments creation tool ever

It’s very easy to use and it shows the size of your target in real time as you build segments.
Attributes are not imported blindly from your data sources, unless you tell us to do so. They’re elaborated by our system, which assigns a reliability index to every source and determines users socio-demo characteristics and preferences based on a number of factors. When socio-demo attributes are not available, the system will try to infer them and confidence levels will be shown.

Look-alike, act-alike or inference? exaudi has it all

Given a target segment, search for users who have similar characteristics (look-alike) or behave in a similar way (act-alike). But you can also infer socio-demo characteristics of unknown users thanks to artificial intelligence, and build predictive models. Take a look to the paragraph “Artificial Intelligence at its Heart” for more information on the difference between look-alike models and artificial intelligence.

Audience segments activation on any channel

Pick the SSP / DSP platform you wish to synchronize from a list, or just provide a URL (server-side and client-side integration available).
Or you can export the list of cookies included in your segment and use them anywhere else: a DEM platform, ad-servers, your CRM, your BI system etc. It’s that simple.

A pure soul: your data is yours!

No strings attached: we don’t use your audience data for our purposes; we don’t sell your data around. We believe one of the main reasons why you should build your own DMP is that your audience data is YOURS. Audience knowledge is an asset, so why would you share it with your competitors?
We can create separate instances for each one of our clients, and we are compliant with the highest security standards for data privacy.
Neodata was not born as a data provider, but as an audience analysis expert. Our mission has never been to sell your audience data back to you, but rather to enable you to understand and monetize the value of your audience. As a matter of facts, we’re genuinely inspired by a pure, invaluable passion for science and do our best to stay true to it.

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Some extra treats

HTML5, API based User Interface

We can easily integrate with external systems and fully customize the User Interface. Our UI is developed in HTML5 and fully API-based. It uses technology frameworks such as Angular Advanced visualization tool, and Tableau is natively integrated.

100% proprietary code

Features, functionalities and components can be extended in any way, at any time. The code is ours, we have developed every bit of it.

Hadoop based platform

exaudi’s Hadoop based platform allows to manage big data natively and kafka data streams to collect, process and transfer data in real time.

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More Features
Alternative configurations and pricing options for brands, publishers and agencies

One size does not fit all

Monthly subscription, fixed pricing, consumption-based pricing, revenue share…there is no one-size-fits all solution. We have our pricing model, that’s obvious, but we’re open to alternative scenarios, as our experience confirms that agencies, brands and publishers have different expectations and some of their needs do not match.

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More Features
Professional Advice when needed

Unlock the power of Data in your organization

Investing in a DMP means embracing a data-driven culture where decisions derive from knowledge more than from assumptions.
It’s a culture that puts evidence first, where people feel uncomfortable if numbers do not support hypotheses and everybody agrees that the clues leading to customers’ intentions are buried inside their actions.
A culture like this impacts the entire business – believing it’ll automatically and instantly permeate people and processes is a little naïve.
Moreover, figuring out how to read and use the audience data provided by the DMP at a strategic level is a critical task, as it’s got the power to generate evidence-based alignment in your organization.
Neodata’s consulting team has expertise in marketing, change management, project management and data analysis / BI.
We can also provide technical staff to manage segmentation and trafficking upon request and we offer training services.

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