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ad.agio Video Ad Server
ad.agio Video Ad Server

Ad.agio is the video ad-server of choice for top broadcasters managing digital advertising for video on demand and pay tv.

A fully customizable video ad-server that delivers campaigns across all devices and platforms.

Multi-screen and cross device campaigns

Deliver cross device video ad campaigns on web, mobile, native applications, set-top boxes, smart-TVs and game consoles.
Manage linear video advertising (pre-, mid-, post-roll), non-linear (overlay: click to site, video, slideshow, splash) and display (companion banner).
Video player integration follows VAST and VPAID standards, or can be customized based on your needs.


Reliable forecasts

Exploit your inventory to the fullest with ad.agio’s detailed forecasting.
The ad.agio video ad-server predicts how many impressions you will deliver based on an analysis of your traffic, including impressions that were not delivered because of targeting parameters or frequency capping rules. These precise forecasts enable you to quantify the impact of targeting rules on your inventory.

Rules targeting tailored to your content catalogue

You have your own catalogue of editorial videos and movies. You use your own coding and categorization rules. Why take the trouble to manually upload them into your video ad server?
ad.agio easily connects to your existing content catalogue and automatically imports it along with keywords, descriptions and taxonomy criteria. When setting up a new campaign you can select the same targeting criteria you use to sell your advertising placements and combine them through Boolean operators.

Navigate your video library through ad.agio’s UI

Adagio connects to your content library and allows you to plan video ad campaigns directly –without the need to upload them into the ad server.
ad.agio Video Ad Server detects the right formats for each platform and device, and automatically selects the best creative.

Breaks Optimization 

ad.agio selects and serves the optimal video ads combination based on the length of the advertising break.
ad.agio’s campaign optimization engine also takes into account targeting and performance goals, prioritizing videos that perform best.

Performance Optimization

Plan and optimize campaigns based on your click, action, price and budget goals. ad.agio’s optimization tools fine tune campaign delivery in real time taking into account viewable impressions, to ensure ads are visible to your visitors.

Profile targeting and audience analysis

With ad.agio Video Ad Server you can target individual user profiles for your campaigns and quantify available inventory for specific target groups. You can build user profiles based on content consumption habits, frequency of visits, interests, and demographics, and then target any ad format to them.

Systems Integration 

ad.agio Video Ad Server can be bolted on any business system you’re using – we deploy standard SOAP interfaces for a smooth integration with your planning, booking, billing, accounting and reporting processes.
Manage inventory and process orders with our integrated order management system or connect ad.agio to your pre-existing system -  all booked campaigns will be automatically uploaded into the ad server.

Easy Integration

ad.agio Video Ad Server integration utilizes a universal tag that can activate all Neodata solutions.
This means you can apply audience analysis and profiling to improve your targeting capabilities, deliver recommended content or collect analytics at any time.

Fully customized solution

ad.agio Video Ad Server is fully customizable. All the interface and reporting capabilities can be set-up for your specific needs.

Smooth migration

We take ownership of the ad-server migration to minimize the amount of work you have to do – our support team will assist you throughout the entire process and work with your team to ensure a smooth, successful transition.
We’ll map your current ad-server platform and collect your requirements for the custom features that you wish to include into ad.agio. ad.agio Video Ad Server easily retrieves the necessary data by calling your previous ad-server’s API when possible, however we also provide manual support if needed (e.g. moving tags used for email marketing campaigns).
A project manager will be assigned to your migration and will be your point of contact during the preparation, testing, completion and post-migration phases. Along with this point of contact we provide 24/7 support throughout the entire process.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customers benefit from a dedicated customer support and 24/7 assistance.

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Analysis and Reporting

Multidimensional custom reports

ad.agio Video Ad Server provides real-time multidimensional reports with the ability to drill-down and roll-up over 60 dimensions. You can add custom reports to ad.agio’s standard reports library at any time and manage access rights as you like. The customizable reports can be saved and downloaded in pdf, xls and csv format.

Advanced Cloud Reports

This asynchronous feature allows you to correlate campaign performance metrics with user centric information. Pick the user characteristics you wish to monitor for just one or all of your advertising campaigns and compose your own reports. You can choose amongst hundreds of variables; our experts will be happy to help you set your reports in order to support your specific business needs.
Reports can be downloaded in pdf, xls and csv format.

Events Reports

ad.agio Video Ad Server can monitor any event you wish to track on video ad campaigns. Events can be correlated with user centric information through Advanced Cloud Reports.
Events are tracked both for linear (embedded into editorial videos) and non-linear ads (stand-alone, not embedded into editorial videos):

  • Above/below the fold
  • Start / skip
  • First quartile (users have seen at least 25% of the video)
  • Midpoint (users have seen at least 50% of the video)
  • Third Quartile (users have seen at least 75% of the video)
  • Complete (users have seen the video in full)
  • Mute / unmute / pause / resume / rewind
  • Fullscreen / exit full screen / expand / collapse
  • Mouse over
  • Social sharing
  • Click to call, click to SMS, click to warning
  • Mouse over
  • Social sharing
  • Click to call, click to SMS, click to warning
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Advanced targeting tools

In addition to standard targeting capabailities such as targeting on geo-location, URL, browser, operating system, device and connection type, ad.agio Video Ad Server allows you to set custom targeting parameters:

  • frequency capping by time period, number of sessions by unique user, number of times unique users access the site/section/page
  • impressions, clicks or share of voice goals
  • scheduling by time of the day, day of the week, period of time
  • black and white listed creatives, campaigns, advertisers
  • referrers
  • keywords

Custom Keyword Targeting

ad.agio Video Ad Server can identify one or more keywords embedded into cookies, code, text, search and urls and deliver or suspend specific campaigns when those keywords are detected. An integrated semantic analysis engine allows ad.agio to deliver contextual advertising based on the page content.

Advanced Re-targeting

ad.agio allows you to re-target users that have visited an advertiser’s website. The re-targeted advertising can be delivered in any format and you can personalize the rules ad.agio uses to select objects included in dynamic banners.
Automated black listing of previously purchased items is included in this feature.

Profile targeting and audience analysis

With ad.agio Video Ad Server you can target individual user profiles for your campaigns. You can build user profiles based on content consumption habits , frequency of visits, interests, and demographics, and then target any ad format to them.

AB testing

Simultaneously test alternative videos and ad.agio will select the most effective based on your goals.

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