ad.agio Video Ad Server
ad.agio Video Ad Server

Are you a broadcaster, a cable provider, an ad agency or an advertiser? Do you want to target TV advertising at individual level and track conversion precisely?

ad.agio Video Ad Server offers advertisers, broadcasters and cable providers unprecedented capabilities to target TV advertising at an individual level and measure the effectiveness of each campaign. This solution matches innovative advertising formats with sophisticated targeting techniques to deliver a unique user experience.

ad.agio Video Ad Server is available on multiple, cross-platform devices, including web, tablets, mobile, SmartTV and set-top boxes.

Here’s how it works:

  • Video content is classified through editorial taxonomy
  • Targeting based on demographics, individual preferences and historical consumption is delivered through our proprietary ad server
  • Interactions with the ads (clicks, skip, through-view, re-play, facebook likes etc) are tracked and factored into subsequent targeting criteria
  • We support any new format for delivery on any device, including decoder, Xbox and smart TV
  • Subscribers consumption history can be tracked across devices and targeting can be customized based on user as well as device
  • Conversion is tracked across devices for all registered users